Success Stories at Rainey Pain & Performance

Karen's Review

​”My husband and I both attend your classes three times a week with Dr. Davis and Brian. Not only have we enjoyed the classes, but they have made it a fun experience, and we look forward to attending. They are organized, do new things each class, and are always ready to help anyone. Also, they have both been extremely helpful to me with my knee problem. I feel that I am getting stronger, and have cancelled the surgery for now. They have listened to my concerns and have answered my questions. I am very grateful to both of them, and would recommend them to anyone who might benefit from physical therapy. I thank them very much for their hard work and caring.” 

Sue's Review

“Going to Rainey Pain and Performance has been a wonderful blessing. When I saw Dr. Rainey, he evaluated my condition. He researched and also used knowledge that worked on my specific problem. With a workable plan, he recommended a strategy to target where my body needed the help. In the clinic, they have a positive and professional way of teaching the techniques. The more I follow the recommendations the less my body hurts. The right techniques have made it possible for my body to start healing.”

Joe's Review

“I have been suffering with pain in my jaw, TMJ and neck for 29 years ( old car accident) and was told I had to live with it. I have been misdiagnosed several times with these issues. I came to Doctor Rainey for a knee issue. And he informed me he treated the TMJ as well. After four visits he was able to relieve almost all my pain. TMJ/Neck/ and knee (turned out to be a back issue). But I think the most powerful thing he did was give me the tools to treat myself after my last visit. I have enjoyed several weeks of almost pain free living.. I still have work to do but I feel I can handle it from here. And if I can’t, Doctor Rainey is just an appointment away…. I highly recommend Doctor Rainey and his staff.”

Brenda's Review

“Wonderful experience. My issue was vertigo. My PA referred me. Jessica worked with me on balance and eye exercises. I still have vertigo periodically, but my eyes are in focus most of the time, which has reduced the nausea. I attribute this to her work with me. I saw the neurologist, Dr. Davis, also. He ruled out other causes and suggested a change in meds, with the approval of my other doctors. They agreed and have adjusted my meds. Still have vertigo sometimes, but my blood pressure has leveled out and I have more energy. Very satisfied with my treatment and with the courteous and caring staff.”

Arnold's Review

“No-one enjoys being, hurt or injured, however if you are ever in need of provider to help you recover from your injuries or even that stitch in your neck that has been bothering you for years, go see the folks at Rainey Pain & Performance Physical Therapists, P.C. on Wilcox SV. I was greeted with a smile and courteous attitude every visit. The staff and providers spoke to me as an equal and ensured I understood my role in the recovery process. Thanks”

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