Functional Pain Management

We identify health as a positive vitality, not just the absence of disease. We have found that incorporating functional pain management into our practice improves a patient’s response to treatment, supporting the healing process. 

We acknowledge that conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic pain are complex. Nutrition, sleep, stress, relationships with loved ones, and a host of other factors can play a role in daily functioning with these conditions. 

Two of our providers, Dr. Rainey and Dr. Davis, are credentialed as Functional Pain Managers (FPM), which means they have demonstrated an ability to treat primary pain conditions effectively with a biopsychosocial approach.  

Functional pain management is a patient-centered approach.

Functional pain management looks to underlying problems that can be playing a role in pain. The domains of biology, psychology, and social factors are interconnected and overlap to produce and reduce pain.

We want to understand a person’s individuality, the role of genetics, and environmental and social influence. We will spend time with you, listening to your health history and journey with pain. 




Biological or physical factors can refer to genetics, magnitude of nociception, tissue injury, damage or disease, physical health problems, immune function, neurobiology...


Psychological factors refer to cognitions and emotions including mood, depression, anxiety, distress, anger, perceived injustice, coping styles, fear, self-efficacy, personality...

Social Factors

Social or sociocultural factors refer to social expectations, social support systems (financial, instrumental, and emotional support), educational status, living status, work factors...

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