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Our mission at Rainey Pain & Performance is to propel the physical therapy profession forward, harnessing the full potential of well-trained physical therapists to deliver exceptional care to their patients.

Rainey Pain & Performance Residency Program

At the core of our belief is that becoming an exceptional physical therapist, symbolized by an “A” rating, requires a foundation of education and mentorship. We heavily invest in your ongoing eduction and advanced training during your first two years. To faciliate this, we offer a comprehensive residency program. 
At Rainey Pain & Performance (RPP), we take your expertise to the next level through our comprehensive residency program. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every aspect of our training, designed to propel your career forward rapidly.

Why Choose RPP's Residency Program?

Curriculum Highlights:

Residency, Continuous Education, and Support for Physical Therapists

Education and mentorship persist beyond our residency program, where emphasizing high-quality standards remains our top priority.  Our Quality Assurance Program encompasses several components, such as the implementation of interventions, collaborative discussions regarding patient-specific scenarios, peer assessments conducted through video-recorded patient evaluations, and structured mentorship.

In our commitment to the well-being of both our therapists and patients, we have introduced dedicated Rainey Pain & Performance Certified technicians. These professionals exclusively assist each therapist, allowing them to wholeheartedly concentrate on providing exceptional patient care.

The bedrock of every physical therapist’s practice rests upon sound decision-making, effective communication, and honed skills. Yet, we also embrace an element of creativity by providing innovative tools. Within our environment, you’ll have the opportunity to master measuring heart rate variability (HRV), integrating virtual reality (VR) into patient care, and utilizing diagnostic ultrasound machines. 

We’re committed to your future. As a gesture of this commitment, we match 3% of your salary for retirement, ensuring your well-being both now and down the road.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into mentorship, explore career pathways, discover our Residency Program, or learn about continuous education prospects, we invite you to contact us at Your journey to excellence in physical therapy starts here.

Continuing Education

Dr. Rainey is teaching the following courses that are available for enrollment:

Movement Brainery
Evidence in Motion – Start Treating TMD Tomorrow ​
Rocky Mountain University Continuing Education – Expert Neurological Exam
Plus by Physiopedia – ​Use code NICK30 to get 30% off

  • Treatment Principles for the Lumbar Spine
  • Practical Decision Making
  • Pain Mechanisms Overview
  • Manual Therapy Considerations in Clinical Practice
  • Lumbar Differential Diagnosis
  • General Physiotherapy Examination in an Outpatient Setting
  • Exercise for Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Considerations for Lumbar Assessment
  • Case Study Discussions on Clearing the Lumbar Spine Webinar
  • Applying Motivational Interviewing in Practice
  • An Introduction to Clearing the Lumbar Spine

Ready to Become an Exceptional PT?

Elevate your skills and become a leader in physical therapy. Our program provides ongoing mentorship, innovative tools, and a supportive environment to help you excel in your career!